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congratulated him and paul ryan on a hard-fought campaign. we may have battled fiercely, but it's only because we love this country deeply and we care so strongly about its future. from george to lenore to their son mitt, the romney family has chose tone give back to americans through public service. that is their legacy that we honor and applaud tonight. [cheering] >> word also that governor romney spoke by phone with the president to congratulate him on the victory. then the former g.o.p. challenger graciously accepted defeat before a crowd of his own supporters, that were gathered outside his campaign headquarters in boston. >> i have just called president obama to congratulate him on his victory, his supporters and his campaign also deserve congratulations. i wish all of them well. but particularly the president, the first lady and their daughters. this is a time of great challenges for america. and i pray that the president will be successful in guiding our nation. >> paul ryan will return to washington, not as the next vice-president. but he did win re-election to the congressional seat
it is streaming live. wisconsin is in play. governor mitt romney choosing congressman paul ryan from wisconsin as his running mate kho ko change things there after more two decades since a republican candidate has won the state of wisconsin. president obama took wisconsin by over 14 points over mccain in 2008. once again, live from milwaukee, wisconsin, president obama and you can watch it in the entirety streaming live on at the time the republican congress, any senate candidate by the name of mitt romney, no, no, don't boo, vote. vote. voting is the best revenge. >> gregg: president obama sparking outrage at a ohio rally telling supporters that voting is the best revenge, whatever that means. its comment that governor romney took issue with while addressing supporters earlier today. >> he asked his supporters to vote for revenge, for revenge. instead i ask the american people to vote for love of country. >> mark sanford joins us, governor, great to talk to you. voting is the best revenge, i'm not sure i know what that means or who voters are supposed to exact revenge against, it
, iowa and pennsylvania. despite the talk about adding paul ryan to the ticket and scaring seniors who were, you know, afraid of losing medicare benefits, they have been loyal, romney supporters throughout? >> yeah. whatever happens on tuesday, what we will learn and this is true at comingal level and the house and senate race, adding paul ryan to the ticket and the idea that they are going to voucherrize medicare didn't end up having a significant political impact. i think that's something we know, regardless of who wins. >> bill: but it helped to put wisconsin in play, so maybe the impact is to the positive. >> we will have to find out. >> bill: david druker, thank you. >> any time. >> i think the polittization of this has been unprecedented. but the important thing is that we have to fully understand, what happened here and take the lessons forth so we can protect the diplomats doing heroic work. >> the reaction calling for a congressional investigation into the benghazi terror attack, as the white house says, it too, wants to get to the bottom of what happened. what happened led to
in cleveland. ohio is the only at a time that is getting visits from the governor, his running mate paul ryan, president obama and vice president joe biden. the governor also visited ohio on friday night and that event drew huge crowds. estimates ranging from the 20,000 and 30,000 but to give you a better idea. how every single vote will be, a new poll shows that the election is in a dead heat. both men getting 48% support among likely voters. one person who will break down all the results on tuesday night joining me now. you know him well. host of power play on fox news. you have an important role because you are part of the decision desk and one of those guys that needs to make a call in the laugh. that is scary position to be in? >> never a doubt, no fear whatsoever. it's totally cool. >> you know what you are doing. i respect the work you do. its true group of professionals. i wanted to talk about the polls. columbus dispatch in ohio has it toss-up, in the president's favor. tribune in pennsylvania does a poll that showing it tied up in pennsylvania. tied in pennsylvania! that was suppose
the day waiting around. he and paul ryan will make an 11th hour appeal to voters. bill: paul ryan meets him in pittsburgh before leading to richmond, virginia. wendall goler is live in chicago where president obama will await election results. john, yesterday was not the last day of campaigning. how did this decision to campaign today come about for governor romney? >> reporter: it's not over until it's over. we talked to campaign advisers who said they are sitting on the tarmac in virginia. governor romney said i don't want to sit in a hotel room and wait for something to happen. he said let's do something tomorrow. they said where should we go? he said how about cleveland? he said great idea, let's go to cleveland. where else can we go? they are going to pittsburgh as well. they have paul ryan going to cleveland and richmond. the governor pulling out all the stops to not let it ever be said he didn't do all he could to get as many people out to the polls as possible. as he said in columbus he said not only was he going to do that work but he implored his supporters to do it as well. >
as well have talked to coworkers and tried to convince people to vote for paul ryan and me. we have one job left and that's to make sure on election day we get, make certain that everybody who's qualified to vote gets out to vote. we need every single vote in florida. [cheering]. now what makes this rally and your work so inspiring is that you are here because you care about america. this is, this is a campaign about america and about the future we're going to leave our children. we thank you. we ask you to stay at it, all the way, all the way to victory on tuesday night. [cheers and applause] tomorrow we begin a new tomorrow. tomorrow we begin a better tomorrow. this nation is going to begin to change for the better tomorrow. your work is making a difference. the people of the world are watching. the people of america are watching. we can begin a better tomorrow's weather today and with the help of the people in florida that's exactly what's going to happen. [cheers and applause] now there may be some of your friends and family members who haven't made up their mind yet who they are go
appearances to boost turn-out. >> i feel great about ohio. >> paul ryan and his wife voted in wisconsin. ryan met up with ryan in ohio where they greeted an thanked the volunteers. >> i'm so optimistic. not just about the results of the election, but optimistic about what is ahead for america. >> i got a good feel for it on the ground. it didn't feel it in 2008 frankly. we have momentum. >> tossups are a slight essential for ohio and pennsylvania for president. g.o.p. candidates traditionally outperform the polls on election day. >> we do better on election day. that historically has been the pattern. democrats tend to try to bank as many votes as they can. in early voting and absentee ballots. >> without a win in ohio, romney's path to 270 electoral vote is harder. he focused on pennsylvania where the race tightened as a possible a terntive. >> appreciate all the work you are doing. >> then back to boston to await returns with often eye on florida, ohio and virginia, team romney expects as they go, so will the nation. for months despite record spending, record campaign activity, record adver
in your yard or in someone else's yard. convincing a co-worker to get behind paul ryan and me. now let's make sure that we get every one we know out to vote on tuesday. got to get that done. this is a huge turnout. what makes this rally and all of your work that much more inspiring is because you are doing it because you care about america. paul and i have not promised you a bigger check from the government. we have a promise to take from some people to redistribute to you. we promises to rebuild the economy obtain the growth of government and restore the principles that made america the greatest nation in the history of the earth. this is a campaign about america and about the future we are going to leave our children. we thank you, we ask you to stay with it, all of the way, all of the way to our victory on tuesday night. now, it's possible that you may have some friends or maybe even family members who haven't made up their mind yet who to vote for. so i would ask you to ask them to look beyond the speeches and the attacks and all of the ads and look to the records. talk is cheap. b
: a small lining for congressman paul ryan. governor romney's running-mate easily winning his election. a seat he has held since 1998. still seen as a rising star within the republican party. already some speculation out there. the talk will begin as early as this morning about 2016 and who the main players are for that. here is a look at four of them on the ticket last night. bill: the president still is the president. the house, though, will be controlled by republicans and the senate controlled by democrats. charles krauthammer late last night does not expect there to be much giver on either side. he won by going very small, very negative and we are left as a country exactly where we started but a little bit worse off. what will he do? he will go back to who he is. people have said he should be a clinton and compromise on a successful second term. he's a man of the left. he will try to push his agenda through with what he thinks is a mandate. bill: he's not instinctively a moderate. ed rollins, fox news contributor. you say that typically in politics you go through cycles and you ha
thanking his family and paul ryan. he said he gave it his all and believes in the american people. martha: election day 2012 is now in the history books. but in the battleground state of florida the race is not over. the president with 50%, governor romney with 49%. phil keating joins us live in tampa. how many votes do they believe remain to be counted in florida? >> reporter: 10s of thousands of ballots are just now beginning to be processed in six florida counties. these are absentee ballots that arrived by 7:00 p.m. last night. but as it stands right now. aside from all those people you saw waiting in super long lines at miami-dade county it was 1:00 in the morning where one woman finally made her vote count. president obama over governor romney has 46,000 vote lead out of 8.3 million ballots cast. with these absentee balance on the it seems improbable governor romney could win all of them and make up that difference. martha: as we were reporting all year florida would come down to the i4 vote and the voters there defied the polls. >> reporter: a poll came out last week showing romney
and enthusiasm for governor romney and paul ryan is what is driving us to be able to expand into these states and it is not about 270 anymore for us, jon. this is about 300, 310, 315. jon: you think you can get that many votes? all right. >> jon, i tell you when you go out on the road and see some size of crowds out there and people waiting in the cold for hours on end just to hear and see governor romney or paul ryan it is unbelievable. the enthusiasm that you see on the ground, number phone calls that people are willing to make or go knock on their neighbors doors, i never seen anything like it. jon: we'll see what happens starting tomorrow. i have a feeling that will take a few days to get the thing ironed out. >> i feel good about it. it will be a great night for us. thank you, guys. jon: sean spicer, thanks for being such a regular guest of ours on "happening now.". keeping it fair and balanced we'll talk next hour with the traveling press secretary for president obama's campaign. jenna: 300, 310, 315. jon: that's what he says. jenna: we'll see what jen has to say about that ed says they
a surprise stop in the buckeye state. governor romney and his running mate paul ryan also there as part of a last-minute appeal to voters. all this and we are hours way from getting the state's first early voting tallies. mike tobin live in columbus with more. mike. >> reporter: you know, megyn there is a piece of video that shows all the excitement and how much focus is on ohio. mitt romney and his chartered plane made the unscheduled election campaign stop in cleveland. while his plane was on the tarmac air force 2 goes by carrying the vice president. joe biden has been in ohio more than any other state in the union during the campaign process. 18 electoral votes up for grabs. you already know that. the people in ohio know that. they were packed at the polling centers before the doors opened at 6:30 this pwhoerpbg. i morning. it looked like they were selling the new iphone. it takes about an hour in ohio to get through the lines and cast your ballot. 8.5million voters in ohio, 1.8 million of them already cast a ballot. the rest of them were hounded by the campaign volunteers, from the
rubio, no doubt about it. paul ryan, you're going to see him try to work his magic on the budget. ted cruz in texas, and i think susana martinez of new mexico. she's a gritty former prosecutor, a no-nonsense person and a woman who, i think, appeals to a broad range of people. megyn: she made quite a splash at the republican national convention. >> i like her. 2016 begins. [laughter] megyn: good to see you. >> purple. we're all working together now. [laughter] good to see you, thanks so much. megyn: all right, see ya. >>> well, up next see this rain behind me? it gets much worse before it gets better. when we come back, what all this means for the hundreds of thousands who are still without power and those struggling to rebuild their homes in an area that is now getting hit with another storm. >>> and as the voters headed to the polls yesterday, so did a group of international election observe efforts sent out to look for possible voter suppression. wait until you hear what they found. ♪ 99 bushels of wheat on the farm...99 bushels of wheat! ♪ [ male announcer ] yep, there's 8 laye
there with paul ryan from wisconsin on the ticket. the president is trying to do in his stump speech is say wait, don't let mitt romney steal the mantle of change that he had in 2008. he's trying to seize it back and say that mitt romney has got failed policies of the past. take a listen. >> in other words, wisconsin they're betting on cynicism. they figure they can outlast you. they figure you know what? these guys maybe get enthusiastic, but over time, that enthusiasm fades away and we're still here. but wisconsin, see, my bet is on you. [ cheers and applause ] my bet is on the goodness and decency of the american people. >> now, obama campaign officials told us they've reached an incredible milestone. they said they've had 125 million contacts with voters. these are over the phone, in person, door to door. they say that's more than double what the republicans have boasted. so they think what that translates to next tuesday would be really getting on the ground in states like iowa here and getting out their vote. one side will get their vote out. the other is not. we'll see who it is with thre
: a fox news alert, there they are. governor romney and his running mate, congressman paul ryan, emerging from the campaign plane. they are on the ground in cleveland off to do a little retail politicking, a little handshaking, probably at the street corner or maybe at the local mall. this is a last minute addition to their schedules, they decided, hey, why not? we've got the day, and not everybody will have voted by now, is why not get out there in cleveland and shake a few hands and try to convince folks that they should go over and join our side. that's what they're doing, and as jenna noted earlier, vice president joe biden landed his plane, air force two, right behind them. in fact, they're sitting on the tarmac just stepses apart from each other right now, the romney plane and the vice president's plane. so lots of high-level visits to cleveland, ohio. once again there's the image of the two planes. jenna: see? bipartisanship right there on the tarmac. it's possible. jon: yeah. [laughter] and the taxi crew has given them fair and balanced placement so they can both get in the same s
, people like marco rubio, paul ryan, his running mate, chris christie, kelly ayotte and others that are probably doing hard thinking right now about what they want to do for 2016. no question also there will be soul searching in the republican party. they lost among a group of key demographics and lost badly, and a couple of senate candidates imploded badly as well all of that prompting megan mccain to tweet a few minutes ago, and this is a quote from her. quote, keep calling like me rhinos, republicans in name only and see how many elections we keep winning, jenna. jenna: that certainly will be a topic of conversations at least over the next several days. we'll see how long that reflection takes place. john, thank you very much for that. back too john throughout the day. moving ontoore politics. jon: let's talk about some of what john was just mentioning. the exit poll results come from interviews with voters as they are leaving the polling places on election day. two big things we are watching, the critical voting block of women and the economy. when asked who would better ha
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)